eros & mercury

love is all there really is — discover that with us

Brand Identity / Creative Direction Original Content / Brand Stories Illustration / Motion Design

Brand engagement and loyalty start with real relationships; the ones you initiate and nurture with your community. Visual storytelling is a beautiful and efficient platform to reach out to your community and show you care.

Share a heart-to-heart connection with them and inspire them to support and love your brand as much as you do.

People are wired to understand meaning and relationship through myth and story. Magic lives within the spark of spontaneous understanding and connection while engaging with stories and their tellers. We are here to support that magical connection between you and your community.

Let’s focus on your one-of-a-kind-ness and what makes you stand out from the crowd, what makes you tick and why you love what you do, and how your community is special. We will walk with you to develop a concept and a style that will show off your unique vision and values and relate deeply with your audience.

We would be delighted to help you embrace your individuality, cultivate your image, and strengthen your emotional reach and community relationships.

Eros & Mercury was born from the desire to help people reach and resonate with their audience through crafting compelling content. Our mission is to create artistic and concise brand messaging that is based in love and harmony.

Humanity’s hard-wiring for connection is so important to us that our name and vision are rooted in ancient mythology. Eros symbolizes love and attraction and Mercury rules communication, commerce and the mind.

As patrons, viewers, and product-users ourselves, we fully experience the ways that heart, relationship, and story impact our loyalty to our favorite leaders and brands. We want to leverage that impact for you, effectively bringing an emotional value to your audience that they might not know they are looking for. We combine that understanding with our passion for strong design and animation and then act in service to businesses and individuals that we stand behind.

We are grateful to be a link in the chain that spreads authentic connection through the world.