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heart-based visuals


This online course from Kadenze explores the primary entertainment vehicles that students are exposed to on a daily basis through a series of interlinking concepts such as Imax, a pop tour, an interactive kids toy, Minecraft and more. This examination is supported by a critical evaluation of the various kinds of technologies that have emerged along the continuum of entertainment technology.

Starts on September 27, 2016, sign up for the class here:

Design: Sahir Kahn, Andrea Yasko, and Gina Valvo
Looping Gifs: Dax Norman
Animation: Gina Valvo

About Eros & Mercury

Eros & Mercury was born from the desire to help people reach and resonate with their audience through crafting compelling content. Our mission is to create artistic and concise animated messaging that is based in love and harmony.

We like to see it as creating love notes with motion.

Humanity’s hard-wiring for connection is so important to us that our name and vision are rooted in ancient mythology. Eros symbolizes love and attraction and Mercury rules communication, commerce and the mind.

As patrons, viewers, and product-users ourselves, we fully experience the ways that heart, relationship, and story impact our loyalty to our favorite leaders and brands. We want to leverage that impact for you, effectively bringing an emotional value to your audience that they might not know they are looking for. We combine that understanding with our passion for strong design and animation and then act in service to businesses and individuals that we stand behind.

We are grateful to be a link in the chain that spreads authentic connection through the world.

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“Gina has been nothing but kick ass to work with. She’s crazy reliable and matches that with a great creative mind and technical skill. She doesn’t just stop with what’s put in front of her but instead explores ways to make it better.”

-Brad Conner, Production Lead,

“Gina is a dream to work with. She's wildly creative, fast, intuitive, and smart in the way she works. She'll take a project with little or no direction and blow it out to the vision you had for it but didn't know. I am endlessly excited to bring her on board when a project needs motion, illustration, or design.”

-Jamie Feola, Art Director & Designer,